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Hey, Chicken Little! Is the sky really falling?

Have you ever been in a transaction with an agent where it seems like every little thing is a big, hairy deal? I tend to refer to those agents as "Chicken Littles". As you may recall in the classic fable, Chicken Little caused widespread panic when he mistook a falling acorn for a piece of the sky...

One of the most important skills that we can have as a real estate professional is to be the voice of reason and calm. When emotions are high, no one can think as clearly as they should. That, "Oh my gosh, there is evidence of previous termites! The house is no longer structurally sound!! We must cancel this purchase and find a home that has never had any evidence of termites!!! Why didn't you recognize that this house was unsound?! How could you let us write an offer on this terrible property?!!" could just be, "There is evidence of previous termites. How should we proceed?"

There are a lot of issues that could be resolved if clear heads prevailed. Sometimes the answer isn't immediately apparent. It can take a little out-of-the-box thinking. That just doesn't happen when you're freaking out.

And stirring the pot is just wrong.

There are very few instances that require an answer in less than an hour...

Stop & count to 10 or 20 or a thousand.

Ask a knowledgeable colleague for advice.

Do some yoga.

Have a glass of wine.

Go for a run.


Do whatever you need to do so that you can be the voice of calm and reason for your client.

Don't send that email without reading it back to yourself.

Don't yell, unless the house is on fire.

Sweetheart, don't be condescending.

And, be wary of throwing your colleague under the bus with your client. Since there are 2 agents in the transaction, you're now perpetuating the idea that 50% of real estate agents are incompetent, rude, unethical, etc. It seems like a small thing in the transaction, but has long-term consequences for REALTOR® image.

Watch out for those falling acorns!

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