• #1 First Things First (2 CEUs): This can be a busy time of year. Kickstart will help you to balance and focus your priorities for maximum results and continued success.

  • #2 Working Your Database (2 CEUs): Session #2 is all about your database- why it's important, how to create & maintain it, and how to connect with all of those contacts. 

  • #3 Business Planning (2 CEUs): Session #3 goes deep on your business plan- what you want (and need), what works for you, where you need to concentrate your efforts, and more!

  • #4 Buyers (2 CEUs): Session #4 is all about working with buyers- attracting buyers, buyer consultations, best practices for offers to purchase, etc.

  • #5 Listings (2 CEUs): Session #5 is all about working with sellers- generating leads, lead conversion, listing presentations and activities.